Sunday, August 19, 2007

Homeless Day 2007

Hi everyone,

Why does it seem like I am always updating my blog while I am at work somewhere or other...

So, I am going to write about a recent promotions job I did 2 weekends ago. It was at the Sydney City to Surf Fun Run. The CTS is the worlds largest fun run and annually about 70,000 register to run and about that number don't register and run anyway. So, it is a pretty big event. The run starts in the middle of the city and goes to Bondi Beach, a distance of about 14km.

I was offered several jobs at the event. The first was supervising the Berlei Girls. This was about 40 girls jumping in trampolines in Berlei underwear to demonstrate that their bras have no bounce! Didn't take that one.

The next one was for Austrailan Idol. Australian Idol is just like American Idol and they were promoting their show and I had to do something I didn't really like the sound of.

The third job as for Soul Mobiles. The job was throwing these enormous inflatable balls into a crowd about 20,000 big. So, took that. It was a pretty fun job time.

So the real point of this post was to tell you what happened after. After the race had begun and people had left the start areas there was thousands of bits of clothing from leather jackets to sweat pants. Wandering through this mass of clothes were hundreds of homeless. It was totally surreal. I suppose it raises all sorts of questions about a society that can abandon thousands of pairs of clothing, yet has this many homeless. Still was a morbidly fascinating scene. Kind of like the second coming of god or something. Usually the streets are packed with people. Instead they are devoid of life, just clothes and wandering homeless.

Ironically it was was actually Homeless Week 2007 that week. So, unintentionally, a bunch of Sydneysiders made City to Surf, Homeless Day 2007. At least thats what I think. It's funny, you walk around Sydney and all the homeless have new Adidas, Nike and Puma outfits a la Zoolander Derelicte styles.

Hope everyone is well.



Dijea said...

I'm glad you took threw balls into a croud & enjoyed it. The bra & trampoline thing might have been fun though.

Hen Clicks said...

I wonder if your adventures are as bazaar and the way you write about them. Maybe you have the Uncle Vern gene. Uncle Vern was Verner Crofford...the college math and physic professor and storyteller extradinaire. At any rate, I am sure your live is anything but dull.

Me, I am feeling a bit dull these days.