Monday, August 13, 2007


So, I figure, maybe, an update on what I am doing, where and I am living and where my life might be heading could be useful.

I am creating this blog mainly to keep in contact with my friends and family. I will try and keep it as clean as possible but, am not promising anything. So, update on what has happened since I have seen some of you...

So, after I visited America last year I travelled around Europe, was pretty dandy. France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Monaco, Austria, Germany, Leichenstein, Belgium and Holland. Also travelled about Scotland and England pretty extensively which was neat. At some point I might write "reviews" on some of the cities I visited, I know Amsterdam is definitely worth one... Maybe not in my family friendly blog, but, lets see.

After that my next trip was to Cairo, Egypt. I will actually write about that in more detail later.

Now I am living in Sydney Australia which I am liking. I know I wrote that it is Freaktown. Which I still stand by, however it is a very happening city, something is always going on and there is always something to do.

I do several jobs that all come under the general title of "Promotions". Promotions is, as the name suggests promoting a particular product. Some are great, some are very, very bad. An example of a good one is, I go to a big event and throw enormous beach balls into an enormous crowd. Crowd loves the balls, crowd loves me, everyone ones. Coke always has good promotions. Another good promotion is I got to Rugby games as part of a "Promo Team" get dressed up in Rugby Uniforms then, when the game ends, the crowd comes out of the stadium and we have these enormous troughs and give away cans of coke. Last game we got rid of 15,000 cans in 20 minutes. People love free stuff.

Bad ones, and there are a couple are pretty bad. Either you are in a down and out ghetto area, or, the promotion is just bad. An example of a bad promotion was dressing up in Graduate robes and giving out a "Brain Box" (Lunchbox) in exchange for someone buying 2 cans of tuna.

So, that is pretty much what I do. It does give me some good stories though, which I will blog at some stage.

So, on to where I live. I live on a street called Oxford Street. Now, when I tell fellow Sydneysiders that I live on Oxford Street they automatically assume I am gay. You see, Oxford Street is like Mecca for gay people after San Francisco. Sydney has the second highest population of gay people in the world after San Francisco. So, let me tell you some of the club names on my street. There is...

The Tool Shed - A toy friendly environment.




Ruby Rabbits

Thats within 500m of my apartment building. Every sunday morning my street is like Soddom and Gamorah. Drunks littering the road, broken bottles, and broken bodies trying to shake of last nights excess.

No, but seriously. Where I live is great. It is very central. CBD and shopping is a five minute walk, Oxford Street is filled with great cafes and restaraunts, and a short bus ride to any of Sydney's famous beaches. i.e - Bondi. So that is pretty good.

At this moment in time I am working at the Qantas Club Lounge in Sydney Airport. Promoting Mobile TV. The QCL is just an exclusive lounge for frequent flyers and wealthy people. Fun to work in, made friends with the staff so now I just hit the buffet and go on the internet in my breaks. Not bad.

Also doing work for Coke, nothing too interesting, just giving away free lunches.


Hen Clicks said...

Great! I'm glad you finally got in the blog business. I will be sure to check regularly.

Love you, Boy.


Yarbrough's said...

I'm so glad you finally got on board with the rest of us. I expect you to keep it up, I want to know about all the fun stuff your doing.